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In July 2021, the NCAA passed legislation that allowed collegiate athletes at any level to derive income from their Name, Image, and Likeness. NIL has many faces and has completely shifted the landscape of college sports. It’s a warzone at the DI Level, but for DIII individuals such as myself it gives us a chance to feel like people care about what we do on the field, court, or track. NIL has given all athletes–no matter their status–a chance to build a brand for themselves.

The Make Your Own Legacy Academy: A First of Its Kind NIL Education Solution

Founded in July of 2022, The Make Your Own Legacy Academy was formed to meet the needs of the underserved Small-Market athlete. The Academy consists of 60 highly-skilled and unique athletes hailing from every level of NCAA competition.

As the Founder of The MYOL Academy, I oversee the instruction of all 60 athletes on several subjects related to NIL such as constructing the perfect cold email, sustaining conversation, the negotiation process, content creation, and more. All skills developed and contacts acquired during an athletes time in the Academy directly translate into a post-playing professional career: a goal I had in mind at the inception of the Academy.

As of February 2023, The Academy began hosting ‘Legacy Lessons’–a series of guest speakers who come and talk to our athletes on various topics from networking to financial advice. 

The first two installments of ‘Legacy Lessons’ covered the topics of Networking and the Athlete to Entrepreneur transition. The Academy welcomed two brilliant minds in Timothy F. Bryson and Kirby Porter–both experts in their respective fields. More sessions to come! 

Be sure to check out our full roster of MYOL athletes via our Instagram! 

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"While NIL opportunities are more accessible at the DI Level, for DIII Athletes such as myself it gives us a chance to feel like people care about what we do on the field, court, or track."

– Jack Betts